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Sourdough Chronicles: How I Was Mooned By My Own Bread (or, fendu shaping gone awry)

Sorry for the lack of updates (and yet another sourdough post), but I just had to post pictures of the last batch of sourdough loaves that I baked. I’ve been practicing with Susan’s (of the Wild Yeast blog, a fantastic resource for all bread bakers) Norwich Sourdough recipe, and ran across her tutorial on fendu shaping. I’ve been wanting to try different shapes other than the usual batard, so I decided to bake one loaf as a fendu.

Sourdough Chronicles: Fendu-Cheeks Collage

From top left, clockwise: 1) Kneading 2) Measuring out flour 3) I let the dough rise in shallow bottomed casserole dishes to make the stretch-and-fold easy. 4) Boule pre-shaping.

I guess my shaping skills still need a lot of work, because when I peeked into my oven to check on the progress of the loaves I was greeted with this:

Sourdough Chronicles: I was mooned by my own sourdough loaf.

Notice the uncanny resemblance to a pair of round buttcheeks.

Sourdough Chronicles: Not a Fendu.

In another blow to my bread-baking-ego, I didn’t slash the batard properly and the bread ended up exploding off to the side.

Sourdough Chronicles: (L) Exploded Batard (R) Fendu-Butt

In the end, the breads baked up fine and tasted great. If you turn the fendu around, you kind of get a heart shape:

Sourdough Chronicles: Funny looking bread but mighty good tasting.

I apologize for the slight blurriness.

I just got back from a roadtrip up the coast with some old college friends. We ended up making stops in Carmel Valley, SF and Berkeley. I can’t wait to post some photos of the delicious food I ate while on vacation, but I must wade through the ~3GB of photos I took first!

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